As a Law Firm, Piyush Sharma Attorneys has noted the difficulties clients have and understands the perception of what clients want from their Legal representatives.

  • Our clients have a straight line of communication with the Attorney and Secretary that is discharged with their matter to call them directly on their cell phone and whom they can call at any time directly to interact.
  • Attorneys and Professionals have been advised that they shall be available to Clients in urgent matters even outside the standard office hours. Clients are encouraged to contact the Senior Partner and Office manager in the event that they are dissatisfied with the communication or lack thereof from Clients;
  • Internally at the office, All Professionals are graded in categories of Service delivery, frequency of updates, satisfaction of clients and quality of content. The grading is done by the Mr. Sharma with the input of the support staff and the Professional is informed that the exercise is purely to make them more effective, efficient and transparent.
  • Mr. Sharma has been involved with a leading software Company in Botswana which has developed cutting edge software for PPADP, Ministry of Immigration and Labour and various other Ministries to develop a unique case management software. The intention is to have this software linked to our website (in development) wherein clients would be given a code and would be able to note the status of their matter. This would greatly assist in cases where we act for clients outside the Republic, or clients that are always on the move.
  • Emails, sms’s and faxes are to be responded to before close of business the next day.
  • In Conveyancing Matters, we have given iPhone5 phones to our Conveyancing team and encourage them to open a whatsapp group for transactions whereby we can have all parties from the Property Agent, to the Relationship Manager at the bank on the group in case all Parties wish to be involved.
  • Our office understands that work cannot stop if office hours are over. Getting the job done means taking that extra time and making that effort to deliver to client. There have been occasions when clients are leaving the Country within a few hours and urgently require documents to be signed before they leave. Our offices have been trained to open the office and prepare the documents, and even hand deliver the documents to them the same evening.