Piyush Sharma Attorneys & Co. is a well-established Law Firm in the Capital of Botswana, Gaborone. The Managing Partner of the Firm has been in practice for over 25 years (since 1998) and has been involved in a number of ground breaking cases in Botswana.

Piyush Sharma Attorneys & Co is based upon the principles of Client first taking cognizance of the legal playing field and the current economic climate. The team is made of multi-disciplinary Professionals with in-depth knowledge of the legal system.


Piyush Sharma Attorneys & Co. is an ideal one stop for Legal service package for big or small businesses, Individual clients, authorities and associations.

The Firm has an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and skilled team.

Our team consists of 22 qualified staff with Eight (8) Attorneys, 3 Paralegals, One (1) in house Consultant  and 10 support staff members that shall be available at our Clients consideration along with technology and services to make our Clients experience more rewarding.


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Our Aim

With a wealth of experience and practice, the Firm aims to be a leader in the Legal Profession with an aim on commitment, transparency and fair charges. Our commitment to excellence is our company’s overall mission, ensuring that our clients are provided with the best information necessary to protect and improve their operations. 

To achieve this success, we have to ensure that as a Firm we create a positive, cordial and user friendly environment within the office.

  • We have employed the services of cutting edge technology based Companies to provide us with advanced technology so as to make the work more effective and efficient.
  • We have streamlined the drafting of litigation documents with templates for qualified staff to use so as to save time and give clients the most effective results
  • We encourage the Firms qualified staff to interact with clients to as to gauge their own performance and the results the Firm is giving to them
  • We follow the Leading Firms philosophy to ensure that we remain the most committed Law Firm in the Country to represent the Largest Law Firm in the World.