Piyush Sharma Attorneys provide services in many sectors, one of them being Aviation. We can assist in legal drafting; be it contracts between Airlines / Charter companies and Pilots/crew following the ICAO Legislation of flying hours and rest times or leasing of fixed and rotary wing aircrafts. We can represent in court on following:

  • Disputes arising from aircraft leasing and other contracts.
  • Any form of damage or loss of property claims from an aviation accident.
  • Legal advice and drafting.
  • Resolve disputes between the aircraft owners and smooth transfer of ownership (CofOs)
  • And more…..
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Piyush Sharma

The Practice and Partner understands the changing dynamics of the Legal Fraternity and the growing requirements of the Market in Botswana and the region. With a wealth of experience and practice, the Firm aims to be a leader in the Legal Profession with an aim on commitment, transparency, ardour and fair charges.

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