Conveyancing & Notarial Practice

Conveyancing involves:

  • Conducting searches on immovable property
  • Consolidation of immovable properties
  • Conducting searches on instruments under the Married Persons Property Act
  • Land usage and planning applications
  • Lease agreements
  • Rectification and endorsements on deeds records
  • Registration of securities including mortgage bonds, deeds of hypothecation and cession of book debts
  • Registration of transfers of immovable property
  • Registration of trusts
  • Registration of sectional titles
  • Notarial deeds and cession in respect of tribal properties

Notary is commonly required in the field of conveyancing, marriage and the authentication of documents. A Notary is an attorney who may practice in certain fields of the law that ordinary attorneys may not. As Notaries, services include:

  • the preparation and execution of antenuptial contracts;
  • Postnuptial Contracts
  • Notarial servitudes and bonds
  • Notarial authentication and attestation of documents for use abroad.
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Piyush Sharma

The Practice and Partner understands the changing dynamics of the Legal Fraternity and the growing requirements of the Market in Botswana and the region. With a wealth of experience and practice, the Firm aims to be a leader in the Legal Profession with an aim on commitment, transparency, ardour and fair charges.

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