General Litigation

General litigation refers to the process of taking a disagreement to a court of law so that an official decision can be made to resolve it.

At Piyush Sharam Attorneys, Litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution are represented before the High Court, Court of Appeal, Industrial Court and Land Tribunal. Litigation Partner at the firm Mr. Piyush Sharma has over 20 years of litigation experience. Over the years, He has specialized in Insurance Litigation, Medical litigation, General litigation, Corporate Law, Debt collection, Matrimonial & family, Commercial, Conveyancing, Shareholder Disputes, Labour disputes, Intellectual Property and Immigration. The firm takes a realistic and sensible approach when dealing with dispute resolution.

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Piyush Sharma

The Practice and Partner understands the changing dynamics of the Legal Fraternity and the growing requirements of the Market in Botswana and the region. With a wealth of experience and practice, the Firm aims to be a leader in the Legal Profession with an aim on commitment, transparency, ardour and fair charges.

Practice Areas

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